Apartment Finder Customer Reviews:


It needs a new filter.

This is a pretty good app, but my experience with it would be 100% improved if I could sort by transit score or walk score, both of which I can see once I see the apartment, but I want to eliminate ones with a bad score from my search.




Desktop version is better

The app doesn't allow you to compare Apartments like you can on the desktop. And also it doesn't pinpoint directly (on a map) where the apartment is located. But you still get the wide range of options for apartments all across the US.

It won't show you the pictures of most of the houses on here and it is very glitchy

Love it

I love how this website Is up to date with apartment availability

Worst app

When it would open it was slow, choppy, and very limited. The 3D tour was the best part, when it did work. Having to create a profile just to look for a place to live? Worst apartment app ever.

Does not list

This app would be great BUT

There are slot of scanners that post on here. They need to verify the people posting on here. It would save people time and money. I saw a place for rent for 800 and when we contacted the guy he gave us the run around blah blah blah. I looked up the property on another site and it was listed for twice the rent. When the guy saw that he wasn't going to fall for his scam he took the property down. Two days later the same property was back up for the same price just with different contact information.

Freezes a lot

Best app. Very reliable


Sucks . Says no apartments in my area, when clearly I can see them simply driving to the gas station * uninstall QUICK *


Its a great way to find the right place for you

Good potential

Very glitchy, have to click multiple times to open and view the apartments. I want to like this because I don't have to sort through townhomes, houses for sale, etc, but it's just not quite ready yet.


Not the best but not the worst



Apartment. Find

An easy way out of no way.


I Love Apartment Finder

Won't load favorites

Each time I add a favorite it disappears. Very annoying for trying to keep track of apartments.


Freezes a lot

It buffers for too long when one is simply viewing a floor plan or switching to look at another apartment. Once it freezes if you didn't save your search you have to start all over again.

Find a new apartment

Only multiple unit complex communities are listed. Difficult to target neighborhoods and no filters for my needs.

Very timely app to use.

I like the app's ease of navigating through apartments. Also, the estimated move-in $ at was helpful!


apartments for rent

no results

Apartment Finder

Supposed to help find apartments. Not really much help


I search something = no results. I search the same thing on another website, tons of results. Theres better resources. Dont waste your time


Ya sssssssssssssssssssssssss

Hated it, blows chuncks

I couldn't find any results, the website is much better but the app sucks.

Sometimes works, sometimes doesnt

Was using this last night. Saved some favorites it was working perfectly. Now I wake up today and no apartments are showing at all.

Very good

Not very good

Didn't have a lot to show me...certain areas I knew there were more results that couldve been shown

Verification process needed for posters

Every place I have contacted to rent was a scam. This makes it disheartening to find a place to live from a different state.

Marvista apts

2 bedroom 1 1/2 bathrooms

Forces you to use landscape mode

It's not finding apartments, lol.

Results always come up unavailable. It's better to use the actual website.

One bed room apt.

July 15, 2016

No Results

No matter the criteria I'm searching for, no results are found.

For an apartment finder app there is a serious lack of apartments listed.